We're on a mission to help
people work in jobs that matter.



People hate their jobs (70% of Americans according to Gallup) and it’s hard for them to leave because they don’t know what else is out there. We want to bring this down to 0%.

We’re tearing down the old system of resumes and job descriptions, replacing it with AI models that rigorously capture the nuances of open positions and find the ideal candidates for each company. As we grow, we’ll be able to model every job — which means we can then tell every candidate exactly what opportunities are available, based on their skills and interests, at any point in their career. 

If we can reduce friction to finding higher impact work, we’ll help people be more productive, feel more fulfilled, and ultimately accelerate human progress.

Our Investors

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Our Values

We create habits for every value to help us live what we believe.


We will go above and beyond to exceed every customer expectation so we can build things that people love.

Grow yourself and others

We commit to helping you grow here more than you could anywhere else. It won’t be easy, but it’ll be worthwhile.

Be open and candid

We practice transparency by default, and commit to approaching feedback and conflict with curiosity.

Work with purpose

We dedicate ourselves to fixing the world, and benefiting people beyond just ourselves and our families.

Do the right thing

If everything we did were shared publicly, we would stand by our actions.

Live with a sense of urgency

We don’t believe in “checking boxes”. We focus on high-impact work because every minute counts.

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