The Sourceress Enterprise Sourcing Platform

Our Enterprise Sourcing Platform gives you everything you need to source, engage, and nurture top candidates.
Diagram of Sourceress enterprise sourcing platform

Automated Sourcing with AI

Automatically source great candidates with customized AI models that are calibrated by your hiring managers.
View of three different leads and their status in the system

Team Sourcing

Give your hiring managers, recruiters, and sourcers a way to add candidates to a shared view with one click, an easy way to collaborate, and the hard data you need to improve your candidate engagement process.
Modal for adding lead to Sourceress system

Personalized Outreach

Automate your candidate outreach with drip campaigns or hand-crafted emails sent on behalf of your recruiters and hiring managers.
Modal for drafting messages to leads

Candidate Relationship Management

Improve your candidate experience and make your team more efficient with a centralized candidate contact center they can use to search, organize, nurture, and re-engage past candidates.
Sample threaded email history with sample lead

Metrics and Insights

Get a big-picture view of your team's performance metrics so you can continuously improve candidate engagement.
Graph of response rate metrics for two different roles
"We have more bandwidth to meet with, interview, and hire the kinds of individuals we would seek out ourselves."
- John Sanderson
Director of Hiring Strategy, Emerald Cloud Lab

Gain a recruiting advantage with Sourceress

D&I sourcing expertise

Sourceress can help you build dedicated diversity talent pools for each role and benchmark your effectiveness through the hiring process.

90% candidate acceptance rates

Hiring managers accept candidates identified by our AI models 90% of the time.

AI superpowers

Keep the top of your recruiting funnel filled with custom AI models and gain insights that give you a competitive edge.

Ready to give your team a competitive edge?