Benchling is a San Francisco-based software company that builds cutting-edge technology for life sciences R&D teams. Founded in 2012, Benchling has grown quickly and now has XXX employees helping 170,000 scientists power research and development all over the world.
Farbod Forouzin was hired in 2018 to build out Benchling's recruiting team and help the company scale hiring. Fast-forward one year and Farbod now has a team of 8 recruiters who have helped the company triple in size.
Benchling's recruiting team has built out new functions from the ground up with all-new design, devops, customer engineering, professional services, finance, and analytics teams.
"The volume and sustained quality of candidates provided by Sourceress fueled our hiring growth over the past year. Using the Sourceress platform for up-front sourcing and outreach allows our recruiters to focus more of their time on building relationships with individual candidates."

Farbod Forouzin,
Head of Talent at

Success highlights using the Sourceress Enterprise Sourcing Platform

"We started with a pilot of Sourceress for our engineering roles and never looked back."
- Farbod Forouzin
Head of Talent, Benchling