Our Mission

People hate their jobs (70% of Americans according to Gallup) and it’s hard for them to leave because they don’t know what else is out there. We want to bring this down to 0%.

We’re tearing down the old system of resumes and job descriptions, replacing it with AI models that rigorously capture the nuances of open positions and find the ideal candidates for each company. As we grow, we’ll be able to model every job — which means we can then tell every candidate exactly what opportunities are available, based on their skills and interests, at any point in their career.

If we can reduce friction to finding higher impact work, we’ll help people be more productive, feel more fulfilled, and ultimately accelerate human progress.

Our Leaders

Kanjun Qiu black and white headshot

Kanjun Qiu


Kanjun is the CEO of Sourceress, a Sequoia Capital Scout, and the author of Sew Electric, a book that uses sewing to teach computer science to middle and high school students. In 2019, Kanjun was recognized as the Featured Honoree in the Forbes 30 Under 30 in Enterprise Tech.

Prior to Sourceress, Kanjun was the first Chief of Staff at Dropbox, which she helped scale from 200 to 1200 employees and get on the path to IPO.
Josh Albrecht black and white headshot

Josh Albrecht


Josh is the CTO of Sourceress and a published machine learning researcher. Prior to Sourceress, Josh was the lead data architect at Addepar, where he developed their core financial data infrastructure, and CTO of CloudFab, which was acquired by VistaTek in 2012.

In the past, Josh has built a state-of-the-art laser raster display for VR from scratch, developed a web client for anonymous file-sharing, and made a website that got 1M unique visitors in 1 week.

Our Values

Grow towards excellence

We have a growth mindset and constantly strive to improve.

We ask for feedback after meetings and put time aside every day for deliberate practice.

Do the right thing

If everything we did were shared publicly, we would stand by our actions.

We make time to help each other, and we question any actions that might be inconsistent with our values.

Use good judgment

We believe in creativity and self-discipline, freedom and responsibility.

We take smart risks and flag something if it doesn’t seem right.

Build strong relationships

We purposefully try to create a space that fosters psychological safety and allows everyone to contribute.

We are honest and open with each other and genuinely enjoy spending time together.

Get shit done