What we do

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Sourceress is your candidate sourcing partner: we find and thoughtfully engage candidates so that recruiters and hiring managers can spend their time on higher-value activities — like evaluating and selling. We helped build Addepar and Dropbox as both companies tripled in size, so we’ve seen the difficulty of hiring first-hand.

How it works

With tailor-made machine learning models, we rigorously define what you’re looking for in a role, identify great candidates, and engage them with highly personalized introductions. Our process creates a stream of candidates that hiring managers are excited to talk to more than 85% of the time. We're experts at making that first connection between you and a potential employee incredibly personal, targeted, and effective — so that great candidates come to you.

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Our Investors

OpenAI researchers
Jie Tang, Vicki Cheung, Peter Welinder, Filip Wolski
Arash Ferdowsi
Co-founder and CTO of Dropbox
Drew Houston
Co-founder and CEO of Dropbox