What we do

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Sourceress is your candidate sourcing partner: we find and thoughtfully engage candidates so that recruiters and hiring managers can spend their time on higher-value activities — like evaluating and selling. We helped build Addepar and Dropbox as both companies tripled in size, so we’ve seen the difficulty of hiring first-hand.

How it works

With tailor-made machine learning models, we rigorously define what you’re looking for in a role, identify great candidates, and engage them with highly personalized introductions. Our process creates a stream of candidates that hiring managers are excited to talk to more than 85% of the time. We're experts at making that first connection between you and a potential employee incredibly personal, targeted, and effective — so that great candidates come to you.

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Our Team

Kanjun Qiu

Kanjun was the Chief of Staff at Dropbox as it grew from 300 to 1200 people, where she built the hiring and interview process for many roles. Prior to that, she built stochastic models to trade the stock market as a high-frequency trader. She likes meditation, tea, and mediating intellectual debates.

Josh Albrecht

Josh thinks that computers and people are both interesting, so he started an AI recruiting company. He got paid to program video games in high school, published ML / NLP research, and sold a company. He enjoys playing new board games for the first time and can tell you exactly what he was doing during any minute in the past 10 years.

Bartosz Wróblewski

Bartosz is a backend engineer trying to get from data to information. Previously he wrote recommendation systems and computer vision pipelines, generally turned papers into libraries, and got roped into being a technical co-founder somewhere along the line. His favourite hats include an almighty janitor hat, and an actual wizard hat.

Christina Kim

Before Sourceress, she was a backend engineer at Memebox (YC W’14) and was an HCI researcher at Northwestern’s Delta Lab. When not looking at or dreaming about computers, she enjoys jaywalking, arguing that breakfast food is the worst kind of food, and reading 5 books at a time.

Will Engler

Will is a full stack engineer who enjoys building data-intensive systems. In his last role at Argonne National Laboratory, Will developed platforms for evidence-based policy making. His work with the City of Chicago and the US Census Bureau led to an invitation to the 2016 White House round table on open data. In his free time, Will likes to run and play the banjo.

Bartosz Stebel

Software developer by day, aspiring security researcher by night. After multiple internships at Google Bartosz decided to abandon the corporate life and make a real change in the world in a startup.

Nick Gjokaj

Nick is a businessman and does lots of business stuff. Prior to Sourceress, Nick did business stuff at McKinsey & Company and volunteer stuff in the Peace Corps in Ecuador.

Our Investors

OpenAI researchers
Jie Tang, Vicki Cheung, Peter Welinder, Filip Wolski
Arash Ferdowsi
Co-founder and CTO of Dropbox
Drew Houston
Co-founder and CEO of Dropbox