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How it Works

You define your ideal candidate

We build you a customized AI model based on your specific sourcing strategy and ideal profile for each role. This can include intrinsic and hard-to-search for attributes like “entrepreneurial," “mission-driven,” and “worked with Python for 4 years."

We source best-fit candidates

We use your customized AI model to quickly fill the talent pool for each of your roles. Hiring Managers are eager to talk with more than 90% of candidates we source.

We handle the initial outreach

Our in-house experts use information discovered by our Candidate Intelligence Engine to craft personal messages for each candidate, which we send on behalf of the Hiring Manager for your role.

Hire your candidate!

You get to focus on recruiting

Our software gives you visibility into all sourcing activities and conversations with each candidate, so your team can focus on building relationships and getting each candidate through the pipeline.

Our Results

90%+ acceptance rate

Hiring Managers are eager to connect with more than 90% of the candidates discovered by our AI model.

High candidate response rate

Our hand-crafted messages cut through the inbox noise, getting sought-after candidates to respond and engage.

Gets smarter and scales

The more we work together, the more calibrated your model becomes, and the better we can tailor your results.

What our customers are saying

John Sanderson
Director of Hiring Strategy, Emerald Cloud Lab

"Sourceress has been transformative as an amplifier to our hiring. They set themselves apart with extreme attentiveness to quality across all aspects of their service. This is especially impressive in how they introduce our product and culture, and in how effectively they synchronize with us on the most nuanced aspects of what we need in a hire. As a result, we have been able to reliably meet with, interview, and hire the kinds of individuals we would seek out ourselves with unconstrained bandwidth."

Emma Jones
Technical Recruiter, Cruise Automation

"Sourceress frees me to focus my attention on in-process candidates. Sourceress's personalized messaging gets candidates genuinely excited, too! Other recruiters here have told me they're blown away by the attention to detail - this is the kind of messaging they would write if they had a lot more time. I don't source or worry about my pipeline anymore - there are tons of good candidates to interview!"

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